Beautiful flowers enhance any yard or commercial property but growing hearty, healthy flowers is often a challenge for homeowners and property managers alike. Note a few quick tips and mistakes to avoid when growing popular flowers outside your home or office, so you have the most successful possible in creating a welcoming look for your property.

Divide Perennials

Perennials are an excellent choice for any home as they bloom year after year without needing new seeds or planting. To keep your perennials healthy, divide them after they blossom so that their roots can spread and stay healthy. Use a sharp knife to cut through the roots if they’ve become entangled and spread the flowers out by several inches.

Forcing Bulbs

Bulbs often grow better indoors, in a controlled climate. Soak a clay pot in water so that it doesn’t draw moisture from the soil and add some bulb feed to the soil, following the directions on the package. Keep the pot in a cool, dark space until the shoots start to appear and then expose the flowers to sunlight gradually until the bulbs are fully forced.

Space Your Plants

When planting flowers, be sure you space them correctly. You might love the look of lush, full flowerbeds but remember that the roots of each flower needs room to spread. Flowers also need sunlight and oxygen, both of which get cut off when you space blooms too closely! If single flowers are not to your liking, consider planting a flowering bush such as lilac or hydrangea.


Wildflowers usually do well in a sunny location and it’s best to clear all other vegetation from the spot before planting wildflower seeds or stems. Wildflowers also thrive in soil with low nitrogen levels so ensure you choose a fertilizer designed for your chosen flower species in particular. Weed the area regularly so your wildflowers have room to spread and grow.


Nothing makes the Christmas holiday brighter than beautiful poinsettia plants! When buying or receiving these gorgeous flowers, you might note a few quick tips for ensuring they last as long as possible. First, take them out of the foil wrapper or poke holes through its bottom so water doesn’t pool under the pot.

Also, keep poinsettias in direct light for at least four to six hours every day. If you’ve ever wondered why these flowers often last in the office but not at home, it’s because those fluorescent lights in a commercial building are keeping them healthy! Keep a lamp aimed in their direction although far enough away that the heat from the bulb won’t wilt the plant and your poinsettias should last for weeks.