Soft wash power washing is an excellent choice for all your residential pressure washing needs. Soft wash cleaning uses specialty surfactants that dissolve thick, caked-on dirt, mud, and grime from exterior walls, gutters, roofs, and other surfaces. A low-pressure washing rinses away that residue without etching, scratching, or otherwise damaging brick, siding, concrete, and other materials.

While soft wash power washing is safe for hard surfaces on your property, it’s worth noting if this process is also safe for gardens, flowerbeds, and other landscaping features. After all, what good is it to have clean surfaces outside your home if your beautiful flowers and landscaping trees then wilt and wither after exposure to those chemicals?

About Soft Wash Power Washing Surfactants

Soft wash power wash surfactants are tough on dirt and grime, but these detergents are not simply sprayed all over your property haphazardly. For surfactants to dissolve thick dirt and grime, they need careful application along a property’s outside surfaces.

The detergents used for a soft wash system also dissolve dirt, mud, caked-on sand, and other residues and debris, but are typically soft on living plants and vegetation. These detergents are not likely to harm the roots, stems, flowers, and other parts of your beautiful landscaping features or cause them to wither and wilt.

Low-Pressure Washing Systems

The detergents used for a soft wash pressure washing services dissolve thick dirt and grime so that a low-pressure rinse is all that’s needed to wash away all residues, as said. This also makes soft wash systems safe for your beautiful landscaping! High-pressure rinses might tear right through your landscaping features, flowers, shrubbery, and miniature trees, but low-pressure rinsing is gentle on all the vegetation and shrubbery around your property.

Low-pressure washing also means far less water used for exterior cleaning! In turn, you’re less likely to wind up with bothersome puddles of harmful detergents and other materials around your home’s landscaping features and flowerbeds.

Choosing a Professional Power Washing Contractor Near You

To ensure your flowers and landscaping features are safe during a soft wash pressure cleaning, choose a reputable and reliable power washing contractor near you. He or she should set protective tarps over your property’s vegetation and especially delicate flowerbeds and nearby vegetable gardens. They should also evaluate your property to note the best pressure washing method for ensuring as much water as possible rinses off your property and into the street or a receptacle they provide.

There is also nothing wrong with asking a residential power washing contractor how they plan to protect your lawn and landscaping features! A reputable and reliable company will have a system in place for ensuring residential gardens, shrubbery, and other greens are safe from damage due to the power washing systems, including soft wash pressure washing.

If you take your time to find a reputable and reliable pressure washing company near you, you might find that soft wash systems are safer for your property’s greenery than any other power washing option! Soft wash cleaning involves a precise application of detergents and surfactants and requires far less water than high-pressure washing; when applied by an experienced professional, soft wash cleaning is probably the safest option for your home’s beautiful lawn and landscaping!